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The C.V.M. International Forwarding Company founded in 1980 by Chris V. Maragos, mainly operating in shipping, ships' insurance and chartering. The founder's experience, first as a captain and then as a professor at the Training Center of Merchant Marines (K.E.S.E.N.) has made our company one of the most reliable forwarding companies, in the Greek and International maritime arenas.

It is no coincidence that the Technical University of Athens, in cooperation with the European Union, during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, has chosen our company for the scientific research in the European combined, environmental and economic transports.

Today, our cooperation with the major shipping and air lines, along with a well-qualified network of agents, has contributed to our world-class interface, for the coverage of all transportation needs (port to port, airport to airport and door-to door) of our clients. Our company manages import and export transports, in national and international levels, of any cargo nature. We transport, with no limits: personal effects, general cargo, large machinery - overweight and cargo with extremely large dimensions - exercise equipment, ship spare parts, marble blocks, organic wastes, and IMO cargoes of most classifications.

Our basic operating principles and objectives proportionally increase with the increase of today's challenges. For this reason, we always function in such way so our services should always be economical, advantageous and effective, in order to better serve all our customers.


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